Creative Uses For Your Wedding Dress After The Ceremony

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Your wedding dress is one of the most important wardrobe choices that you’ll ever make. You’ll always remember how it makes you feel on your wedding day, and its image will be captured in many photographs for posterity. After the big day, though, many brides just don’t know what to do with the dress. Don’t put it in storage to get old and yellow. Instead, here are some creative ways to have fun with wedding dresses after they have served the bride well on her wedding day.

Give Your Gown a Makeover

Although it’s not done by many brides, this is one way that you can continue to get wear out of your gorgeous wedding dress after the big day. Simply give your gown a makeover. If you’re good with sewing, you can make the alterations yourself, but otherwise enlist the help of a talented seamstress. By having the sleeves shortened and the hem significantly taken up, you are well on your way.

Next, take away particularly ornate parts on the bust or sleeves. Feel free to add on brightly colored buttons or other accents that add a nice splash of color to the white dress. Whether your former wedding gown can be worn to formal occasions or as a summer dress will depend on how much work you put into making over the dress and how fancy it was from the start.

Reuse Materials from Your Dress

Alright, this one is even more unusual, but it is a fun way to keep a tangible reminder of your wedding day ever-present. Use the high quality materials from your wedding gown to create special keepsakes and beautiful decorative items. You can have a pillow fashioned from the satin of your wedding train. Take the gems or faux pearls that may have been sewn into your gown to make yourself a necklace that you can wear anywhere. Use some of the material from your gown as the matting for a wedding day portrait of you and your new husband.

Dye Your Dress for Fun 

Many people have “Trash The Dress” photo shoots where the bride totally trashes her wedding dress with mud or scissors. Instead, you may find that you have a lot more fun without totally ruining your dress. Dye your dress so that it is your favorite color, then have a photo shoot with your new husband. It will be the perfect way to capture how you two are after the stress of the big day has passed, and having the same gown on in a different color will make the pictures special and fun.

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